When I woke up it was Friday and I was disoriented

Reading: I’m still plodding through Ghengis Khan and the making of the modern world but I constantly forget it hither and yon. Also re-reading the retro sci-fi noir graphic novel, Terminal City, which is just splendid, will post a review once I’m done.

At about 70-odd pages into Diaspora and still really enjoying it.  I’m just coming up on the sub-systems or mini-games that deal with specific types of conflicts and I cannot wait.  There is a sense of waiting for a cozy time on the couch without worries so I can dig on in.

Always the hum of school-school-school.

Planning: Seeing my lady-friend as long as snow storms do not deny me passage.  Also, returning to MoBu City tomorrow.

Wearing: Still the gray t-shirt and jeans from yesterday.  Ugh.  I need to go home and change.

Creating: Got some solid work done on some things this week and I’m flirting with some papers that will need sold foundational work this weekend so they can be written early in the coming week.

Inspired by Diaspora‘s Economy system, I broke through a block on a FATE hack and I am excited enough that I now really want to playtest it.  I might have to do that.

And you?