Sunday, bloody Sunday

We played Weapons of the Gods tonight and it was fun.

I like the way that the dice hit the table and then you have choices to make, resources to spend, the River, and Joss. If you hit a mofo hard, ya really feel like you out-gamed him, which is fun.

I tried to pick up a fight with Jeff’s bad-ass bare-knuckle brawler but he wasn’t having it.

Lore Sheets are an ingenious way to concretely link the PC’s to the game’s fiction. The intro adventure that Storn ran had its own Lore Sheets that really dragged us right into the thick of it. Suddenly the tournament had meaning and we wanted to win. Jeff was retrieving his dead master’s porcelain servant girl, I was retrieving my twin sister’s stolen books and Jim was getting his beloved’s wedding dress in hopes of marrying her.

Jeff’s character was righteous, Jim’s was a scheming bastard and I think my guy was just pissed that he couldn’t go up into the mountains and study like an old man. He didn’t start off pissed but it just came out in play.

Like most games with these kinds of system buy-in, it will get better as the players master it. Burning Wheel/Empires, Spycraft 2.0 (I hear), the crunchier d20 stuff and Exalted all get better when the players at the table are bought into the crunch as much as they are bought into the color.

The game ran late and I accidently ate a piece of cracker that was attached to a piece of cheese that I devoured with alarming speed and volume (totally my own fault). So, I was a few minutes late to my soccer game and I watched a goal go in as I arrived, a goal I could’ve stopped.

We went down 5-1 before this older guy, late forties, early fifties, who just settled us down and got us passing right. As folks in the Wire would say, he got our shit correct. Ziggy didn’t do anything dramatic or fancy, just solid, simple passes that made sense.

We came back 6-6 only to lose 7-6. Rough loss but a fun game.

And now I’m out of the shower and the gluten has poisoned my chi, leaving my sorry ass exhausted.

I planned out my week on Google Calender with alerts that get texted to my phone. Things that need getting done have not been getting done. We’ll see how this works.


And on the seventh day…

I didn’t have to open a library this morning. What a different that makes to my day. I woke up, met Storn for breakfast at ABC where I had the most mediocre of their guacamole and cheddar omelets yet, but it was still damned good.

We walked about town and talked shit, running into J.J. and planning for Dreamation. I bought Battle Lore from Odyssey and collected my ogre figure that came with pre-ordering.

Then it was off to Jeff’s for today’s early afternoon Spirit of the Century Game which we recorded and was as low key as our pulp games get, which is to say there was time travel galore, a giant robot looking for forgiveness (or WAS he!?) and a lawyer under the sway of a Martian shape-shifter (who got away again) and the Tyrian Mind Tyrants.

We did some Sons of Kryos brainstorming and recorded a new intro and a funky promo for Paul Tevis.

Got home in time for my soccer match, which was a fun 6-2 victory over a solid team. Janaki and Zorro came to watch, though the Z-man didn’t like it as much as the outdoor games because he had trouble seeing over the indoor wall. He liked it when people crashed against the wall, though.

My stomach feels like shit but other than that, a lovely day that is easing its way to a lovely night.

Done and Done

This afternoon I handed in the last bit of work due for this semester’s class. I think I did alright. That feels good, especially after the debacle that was last semester. I also visited Boynton Middle School’s librarian and chatted with her about the gig which really re-charged my batteries for working as a public school librarian.

Yesterday we played Spirit of the Century, which was quite fun. Thread here.

After the game I put on shorts and went right to my indoor soccer match. I am playing on a really solid team for the holiday season. The match was kinda boring. Its indoor with walls keeping the ball in play but the other team just couldn’t put it together. We won 8-2 and looking over the two remaining games, it doesn’t look like the other teams will be any more challenging. Bummer.

I wanted to play a bit more and waited around to see if any other teams needed extra players but none did. Feeling in a bit of a funk, I went home and took a brutally deep nap.

Punim Save

I played the first game of the indoor holiday soccer season. My team has played three games already and went in 3 wins and 0 losses. The team we were playing was also undefeated.

There was a point in the first half when they just got shot after shot at me. I had let in an easy goal early, which gave them the idea to shoot early and often. I tipped a shot wide, it went off the wall and they shot again. Neither of my hands touched it and after the ball bounced away I had a headache, so I am assuming I stopped a shot I never saw coming with my face.

No fun.

But we won, so that was nice.

A Bad Call and a Post

Went to Benchwarmers this morning and watched the U.S. lose to Ghana and exit the World Cup. The ref’s call for a penalty kick in the first half was just awful and after that, the U.S. never really recovered.

There were some late chances, a few free kicks and a moment when Donovan had the ball in the box and just didn’t know what the eff to do with the thing.

It made me miss playing soccer something awful.