My Other Blog

For the class I am taking this semester we have to start a blog. My first half of the semester is to blog about Youtube as a possible educational tool.

But my latest blog post bridges the gap between this blog and that one.

I figure that I’ll keep that blog as a professional blog and if nothing else, it is giving me experience with the WordPress format.


Gaming in Libraries with Scott

Scott Nicholson – Gaming Symposium 07

Watch the newly tenured SU professor, Scott Nicholson rock the 2007 ALA TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium.

You can clearly see why I came back from my two weeks in Syracuse taking classes with him excited to be a librarian.

Embedded behind the cut.

The Pieces are Set

I think everything is laid out so that tomorrow I will just have to sit down and write what needs writing despite a little trouble accessing the course reserves. Just can’t get any luck with course reserves lately, can I?

Once everything is written and handed in, it will just be me and Zorro for the weekend. I think I am going to spend the weekend with the computer off, just me and the pooch. Rob and Tom are visiting; I’ll finally get to meet Tom’s long-time boyfriend, which is nice, its been a while now.

I’m tired and pollen is beginning to take its shots at me.

It will be nice to be done with this semester.



Yesterday, the 24th, I turned 31 years old. Wow.

My mom called me at 4 to let me know the exact moment I was born.

Janaki asked me what I wanted to do and I really only wanted to spend a quiet evening with her and eat pizza. I haven’t eaten pizza for the past six months, since the whole gluten thing. There is a gluten-free bakery not too far from here and I had heard their GF pizza crust was pretty rockin’ but they have stopped production of it while they update their kitchen. So, the lady suggested Amy’s Gluten-Free Pizza, which was prefect.

We threw some mushrooms, garlic and onions up on that disk and ate. We re-watched our favorite Invader Zim episodes, some Deadwood and the Jet Li film, Unleashed (verdict: eh).

I have to do some online stuff for school, take a final and re-write a paper from earlier in the semester. The big paper is done. Lilly and I hauled ass and get it done this weekend. She’s the keenest partner ever and is surely the reason I got to enjoy my birthday rather than write a paper alone during it.

Once school is done I will make the little adjustments needs to the dictionary and get behind the wheel of 1st Quest, so that I have a solid playtest document for Dexcon.

Tomorrow I’ll work out with Aaron in the morning and then get together with the fellas in the afternoon to discuss what me, Jeff and Jim will do with our summer’s gaming, since Kolja and Aaron are outta town for the season.

All in all, a very nice day, a nice quiet birthday spent with two pizzas, some gingerale and a neat lady.

Distanced Learning

I am taking my grad school classes in a distance learning format and I’m not sure it is for me. This isn’t to say that grad school isn’t for me (my mother just stopped breathing for a sentence) but this distance learning isn’t working.

The literature review that my partner and I handed in, Lilly’s portion of the work was impressive and mine was entirely lacking.

Something needs to change and it needs to change dramatically.


One of the members of my former group has defected from said group to join me in working on the project. So, four become one now become two.

Grad School is ridiculous.

Lilly lives in Ithaca, so we’ll be able to meet face to face and discuss things, which is really nice. I miss that kind of academic interaction with this distance learning hoo-doo.