Threads to Watch 9/22-9/28

Ron and Levi are talking again.

The Reverse Engineering Challenge is rocking and rolling. Go grab a new game, fresh outta the oven and play it!

I’m excited to be playing PTA this weekend. Seasons are amazing.

The week is young.

Anything else?


Threads to Watch: July 20th to July 27th

Gen Con draws close.

So close.

What’s new inthe world of Indie Games? asks Thoth 93.

Thor is at it again: The Value of Creating Scenarios for Your Game (technically, it is the 19th but eff it, its close enough)

PC’s and their bodily functions. A car wreck I can’t take my eyes away from.

The Princes’ Kingdom is up for pre-order and we’re kvelling over on Alexander’s livejournal.


Story Games mirror worth a look just for Thor’s contribution alone.