Music and Lifting

A few months ago I was talking with Charlotte about fitness. She was taking a class in gymnastics at around the same time I was getting into wrestling. So the talk was about being past our 20’s and finding physical activities that will take us into our middle and older age and just overall fitness. Charlotte had found crossfit before me, but we ran across it for different reasons, from different angles. It ended up with me, Jim and Charlotte looking into it, e-mailing each other links and such.

The nearest crossfit gym is in Syracuse, a shlep by anyone’s standards. They offer a foundations course, though, so we could learn the olympic style lifts that the crossfit work-outs of the day feature. That has been neat. I haven’t been able to do the work outs of the day yet but it has been fun to learn something new with my body.

I am taking a hard look at my schedule next semester, thinking about making school the priority but still enjoying wrestling out in Cortland, heading out to the swamp, gaming, yoga and such. Something has to give, methinks.

I am thinking that Cortland has to go; I can go to the university BJJ club if I feel the grappling urge. All of my week-day gaming has been moved or canceled. Yoga and hitting the gym is something I could do before work with only a little bit of jiggling here and there.

I woke up this morning but was up too late for yoga. So, not wanting to waste the morning, I hit the gym, worked on an olympic movement called cleans, which was fun. The university here has really nice equipment and it is dead in the morning.

The iPod is great for working out. I made a playlist titled Rock Out with Your Cock Out. It features Bad Relgion, a new find for me (thanks, Aaron). I have never heard punk so damned smart. Also on the R.O.w.Y.C.O. playlist is Guns n’ Roses, Fugazi and the Black Diamond Heavies, who sound like Tom Waits heading a southern rock band.

Warren Ellis linked to Sam Russo, who is brilliant accoustic punk but I can’t figure out how to buy his shit.

So, that is me, thinking about getting stronger, listening to rockin’ music and looking at finishing my degree already.


Ink and Water

I got a 2008 day planner but can’t find my 2007 days that got in my Franklin Day Planner. So I purchased a Moleskin on Ebay for 2007. It is an odd thing seeing how few pages are left in the year. For some reason this makes me feel like I squandered this year somehow.

I wrote down a swim today and went out and swam. That felt good but I didn’t drink enough water today and could really feel it in my work-out. It is odd that when I don’t feel well, it is almost always one of three very simple things: food, rest, water.

I must’ve done about ten laps, stopping for rest after each one before I got out and went home. It ain’t much but it is a start. Part of my problem is that I got into the pool without any kind of a plan.

With that in mind, I went poking around for some kind of a swim work-out and found a nifty triatholon work-out here. If anyone who knows anything about swimming has comments or critique about said program, that’d be great (Bret and Linnea, I’m-a-lookin’ atchoo).

I have no plans to compete in a triathlon but its a nice program, reminds me of the swimming class I took a few summers ago and it always helps to go in with a plan. Tomorrow morning I’ll give it a try. The pool hours are perfect for me to give it a go before work. Hopefully, the pool will be open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ll see about getting in the pool each of those days.

Now to get to some of the other stuff written down, some cleaning needs to be done.

How was your weekend?

OMG (One Man Group) is in action

I have gotten an astonishing amount of work and research done in the past 24 hours. If all goes well with my Borrow Direct and Inter-Library Loan requests, next week should be really fruitful. Janaki gave me a lead on a really exciting type of research that will be nifty to explore and write about, making the paper interesting for me.

I’d write what I am writing about but some rat bastard in me knows that this journal is linked on my school web site and I want to keep shit close to my vest now. I’m not sure I like that.

Cutting out the just sitting and surfing RPG boards out of my day has opened up an astonishing and slightly embarassing amount of time from my day.

This morning Aaron and I met for our second work out and it was really cool. We are easing into it. Easing into it aside, my chest is rather sore from our Wednesday work-out and I bet my arms are going to be rather tweaked from today.

I got some yogurt, which is gluten-free for some fast protien. So far the dairy hasn’t been bothering me like it did when I was all glutened up.

Tonight is our Friday night 1st Quest game, which I am really looking forward to.

And it is Bret’s birthday. Happy birthday, Bret!

A Good Morning

Speech is my hammer bang the world into shape
– Mos Def, Hip Hop

I managed to wake up and meet Aaron at the gym this morning for the first of our work-out meetings at a Cornell gym. We did 10 minutes on a rowing machine at a brisk pace and then hit the weights, doing chest and back today, moving to arms on Friday and then legs on Monday. It was a wonderful way to start the morning, I must say. Despite getting little sleep I feel pretty pumped.

Last night I stayed up too late editing Mu and did so until my eyes just couldn’t make sense of letters anymore. But I got into a nice groove with Mos Def in my earphones and a pen in hand. It is moving right along. I need to use then and than properly. I was all over the damned place on those words. Disgraceful.

My first third of things that I listed on my daily task list is now done, so its time to move on to the second batch if items, all school related, before work starts. It feels nice.